About Kat

Katrina Massett has recently completed her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Illustration at the Rochester Institute of Technology, RIT. She likes drawing creatures, plants, and characters in a simplistic style.

Katrina Massett grew up in Rome, New York and attended Mohawk Valley Community College and received an Associate’s in Applied Sciences in Illustration. Katrina then attended Rochester Institute of Technology and received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Illustration. While attending both colleges, Katrina also received a minor in 3D Animation and a specialization in Film Studies. She is a team player when it comes to working in a group. Katrina likes having someone to problem-solve with, and finds it easier to bounce ideas off of a colleague. She likes to play video games, watch animated films, to collect mugs, and is a certified scuba diver. Katrina likes to illustrate characters, animals, creatures, and “cute” objects. She likes adventurous, fantasy, or futuristic type of illustrations, inspired by video games from her childhood and movie series such as Harry Potter, and Jim Henson’s The Labyrinth.